I can't beat Mephistroth can't go to Suramar?

      I can't beat Mephistroth can't go to Suramar?

      I just got to 110 and was about to go to Suramar, then the patch hits and now I can't even go there because of this scenario, so i tried it, made it to the last stage, Mephistroth had a ton of hp, but I tried and couldn't kill him. So is there a tactic that I'm missing? Or am I stuck here or what?Did you see his HP, see that you weren't making a dent, and give up? Because all you have to do is survive until he runs away... you don't actually kill him. Didn't seem to me like I made much of a dent in him before he ran off.Well I didn't start Suramar yet with this guy so that's why I can't go there yet because I get the scenario instead to do. I guess you can still go there because you already started it before the scenario was launched?


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