Turbolog4.14 released

      Turbolog4.14 released

      Dear Turbolog Users,

      ... The new version Turbolog4.14 has received an interface to JT-modes as implemented in WSJT-X, JTDX, etc. It provides the following features:
      1. Direct logging a QSO ( =default ) from one of the shells into Turbolog4's log book.
      2. Call checking: Every call which is reported in the shell's Band Activity Box is transferred into TL4 and can now be investigated for more details by a simple double click on it .
      3. Unique feature: Automatic DXCC related highlighting of every decoded call. Highlighting colors are applied for the following categories:
      • All time new one (ATNO)
      • New this band New mode this band ( = new slot )
      • Call has been worked before
      • Nothing interesting
      These features are of great operational benefit and relief, i.e. in busy periods where 40 to 60 decoded calls may rush in ... every 15 seconds. In this situation the operator would soon become exhausted and may fail to detect the calls he really needs to look for. Now he can relax, lean back and just watch for the colors of interest.

      Learn more in Turbolog4's online HELP paragraphs: "JT Programs Interface and Support" and its setup in "JT Programs".

      Have fun!

      Turbolog Communications