New DXCC Entity Kosovo

      New DXCC Entity Kosovo

      Dear All, action of the DXCC Advisory Board Kosovo has finally become a new DXCC entity.
      This decision became effective by 21-Jan-2018 at 0000 UTC.

      We have updated Turbolog4's COUNTRY.DAT file accordingly. Please download this file
      from our website. The file has to be unzipped and stored in the ..\TL4Data sub directory by
      overwriting the existing.

      If you had QSOs with Kosovo before the data line and you want to keep your Current DXCC counts clean you should edit
      the particular QSOs. Placing a ! at the first position of the CALL field will turn the whole record into a Comment but keeps all QSO data.
      A final DXCC Rebuild concludes the operation.

      Vy 73 and Best DX!

      Alwin & Jürgen
      Turbolog Communications