TL4.14 and the new WSJT-X V2.0

      TL4.14 and the new WSJT-X V2.0

      Dear Users,

      ... there is good news: Our current version TL4.14 works flawlessly with WSJT-X.
      Thus we strongly recommend to upgrade WSJT-X right now.
      You can install on top of the existing without problems.

      There are just two small nuisances at start-up of WSJT-X V2.0:
      1. WSJT-X wants to connect to the ARRL's website and load the file "LoTW User Activity". This would require to install a large repository of DLL files in your Windows system folder. We recommend to refrain from using this feature at all since we will provide a more comprehensive implementation of highlighting by LoTW User Activity in our upcoming version of TL4.15. Thus, just acknowledge the error message and continue.
      2. WSJT-X now comes with a large (...and confusing ) bunch of color highlighting which is all based on its private set of records collected in its ADIF logbook file. Thus, this file must be imported. Again, we recommend to refrain from these features which are solely based on FT8 QSOs in WSJT-X. Since TL4 provides the full picture based on all Modes you operate (NB: there still are other Modes than just the JT-Modes...hi!) you should just again acknowledge the error message and continue.
      We delayed the release of TL4.15 in order to adapt to potential changes in UDP message protocols. The good news is: Our JT-Modes Adjunct Box works perfectly, even better than before. There now are UDP messages to our box even while operating in Fox/Hound mode. This was our specific request to the development team. It is good to see our suggestion being implemented.

      Currently we are extending TL4.15 for the new contest features in WSJT-X. TL4.15 will fully support contest operation and direct logging as before.

      More info to come soon.

      Vy 73:
      Turbolog Communications