Turbolog4.15 released - ready for download now

      Turbolog4.15 released - ready for download now

      Dear Turbolog Users,

      A Prosperous and Happy New Year to you!

      We have good news for you now: Turbolog4.15 has been released and is ready for downloading.

      The main new features of this version are:
      - Fully compatible with WSJT-X V2.0 including Contest- and DXpedition mode.
      - Fully compatible with JTDX V2-RC122.
      - Highlighting Active LoTW Users in all Packet windows and in the JT-Modes Adjunct Box
      - A lot of small items and clean up ... as always.

      Learn more in Version Information a sub item of the program's online HELP menu. Please follow the hyperlinks
      given. They will lead you directly to the Help topics describing the new features and showing
      how to use them.

      Have fun with Turbolog4.15!

      Turbolog Communications
      Alwin & Jürgen