Announcement Preview Update Version TL4.12

      Preview Update Version TL4.12

      Dear All,

      ... our forthcoming update version TL4.12 features conspicuous colors to improve awareness for the really important packet spots. The current version TL4.11 already is equipped with a highlighting feature for search strings in Packet comment fields, e.g. IOTA keywords and the like. We have now largely extended this highly successful approach.

      The attachment shows a preview sample of the new features implemented in the Packet facility:
      • The DXCC Indicator field is extended by a fourth digraph group showing the DXCC related Band slot status - a great help for all Band slot chasers.
      • An all time new one (ATNO) will yield a user specific highlight color of the DXCC Indicator field.
      • A spot for a new Band is highlighted the same way but in a different color.
      • A spot for a new Mode is presented in a third color choice.
      Basically you only need to go for the highlighted spots any longer... .

      Furthermore, all Calls which were worked before will be highlighted in the Call field. This will allow you to look for the details you have already logged with this Call, e.g. whether the operator has sent a QSL, uses LoTW actively and so forth.

      Wait for more goodies to come. We are now homing in for the next release.

      Vy 73: Alwin/DJ9KG
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